Albendazole Bolus 300mg

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Each bolus contains: Albendazole 300mg

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A broad spectrum anthelmintic for treatment of gastrointestinal infection of Ring worms, Lungworms, Tapeworms, Liver Flukes and Amphistomes. Albendazole has also an ovicidal effect. This product is a new high-efficiency broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug, which has a broad anthelmintic spectrum and the strongest insecticidal effect among the benzimidazole drugs. It is highly active against nematodes, schistosomiasis, and tapeworms, and has a significant inhibitory effect on the development of eggs. Albendazole is a treatment for parasites, but it is not effective for insects.

It also has an obvious repellent effect on various nematodes, schistosomes, tapeworms and cysticercus that parasitize animals. It is suitable for repelling roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, whipworms, and also for repelling domestic animals. Clinical observation of 556 cases proved that the negative conversion rates of hookworm, roundworm, pinworm, and whipworm were 100%, 96.4%, 98.9%, and 70%, respectively. This product can still be used to treat various types of cysticercosis, such as brain type and dermatomuscular type, with an effective rate of more than 80%. It is used to treat trichinosis with a total effective rate of 100%, which is better than mebendazole.

Dosage And Administration

Cattle,Sheep, Camel
Dose: 20mg per kg body weight.
Anthelmintic spectrum:
Fasciola hepatica, heads and segments of Moniezia spp, adults and fourth stage larvae of Ostertagia, Haemonchus, Trichostryongylus, Nematodirus, Cooeria, Dictyocaulus, adult, Bunostomum, Oesophagostomum.


Adverse Effects

Teratogenic effects have been shown for albendazole, cambendazole, oxfendazole and parbendazole, If these drugs are to be used in early pregnancy ,it must be for good reason and at the lowest recommended dosgae.

Withdrawal Time

27days before slaughter.
Not for use in dairy cattle of breeding age, or in any cattle during the first 45 days of pregnancy (or first 45 days after removing bull)


5 bolus in a blister, 10 blisters in a box.


Store in the place below 30.

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